Which brands have the best 20 inch led light bar?

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Led light bars are the most popular choices to add lighting to cars, trucks, four-wheel-drive vehicles, and sports equipment such as ATV, UTV, or boats. They provide plenty of light for night driving and are easy to pair up to double the light output. Mounted under the bumper and equipped with amber LEDs or amber lens caps, they can play an excellent fog cutting effect. No matter how you use them, the best 20-inch led light bars are versatile lighting devices that are quite affordable even for the highest quality products.


Here is the content list:

1. Rigid Dual-Row E series

2.Baja designed a stealth-looking 20-inch single row of led light bars

3.jiuguang Super Bright Led Light Bar Wholesale JG-F02

4.Auxbeam 20-inch 126W Cree dual row led light bar

1.Rigid Dual-Row E series

The rigid E series light bars have won customers' satisfaction for a long time. Their 20-inch led light bar has always been a perennial favorite of off-road enthusiasts. It emits 9,000 lumens of light but draws fewer than 8 amperes. The housing is extruded aluminum. It is custom-made with rubber seals and Gore ® balanced vents that help this light achieve an IP68 intrusion rating. Choose from Flood, Spot, or Combo Beams to match your application. Amber LEDs are also available.


2.Baja designed a stealth-looking 20-inch single row of led light bars

The Baja Designs 47-2003 Stealth single-row 20 inch LED light bar is one of the lowest profiles on the market. It will fit in vertical gaps under two inches high. If mounted on a roof or rack, the long rear taper ensures minimal whistling. A selection of 20 Cree XP-G2 LEDs offers 8400 lumens in a 6000K bright white light from an aircraft-grade IP69K housing. The copper drive circuit ensures you get 100 percent LED output while extending its life to 50,000 hours.


3. Jiuguang Super Bright Led Light Bar Wholesale JG-F02




Different from the above three brands, Jiuguang is a factory from China that specializes in customizing wholesale off road light bars for customers. It has 5 R&D lines, 20 production lines, and produces 4-52inch quality light bars. Need to focus on this latest product.


HIGH OUTPUT: There is a distributed array for every five chips, and one of the chips is arranged in the center, which can ensure that there are no dead spots in the condensing light. 3W each OSRAM chip, 130LM/W original high-quality chip, ensures the efficient and continuous output of the light. JG-F02 all use spotlight cups, the latest design of 14D reflectors, scientifically and reasonably light distribution. The spotlight cup pushes out the light beam at an angle of 50 degrees to ensure that the light can reach the best emission state, and the illumination distance can reach an excellent 800 meters.


ADVANCED MATERIAL: 6063  Diecast aluminum housing; Cast face plate, extruded Aluminum heat sink | finished in 100% Polyester UV and abrasion resistant powder coat, ensures that our bars will never discolour.


MILITARY BREATHING HOLE: Ensure that each product has undergone strict air-tightness testing before leaving the factory. It can also ensure that the product will be water mist caused by high temperature and climate problems in the later stage. This problem can be easily solved by opening the breathing hole.


UNSERVITY HEAT DISSIPATION: There are more than 15 heat sinks densely distributed at the rear of the 3.4-inch product to increase the contact area with the air, so that the product has good heat dissipation performance in practical applications. It can be contacted and lighted for 2 hours, and it can be in direct contact with the skin at a temperature not exceeding 45 degrees Celsius.


WARRANTY:2 years




4.Auxbeam 20-inch 126W Cree dual row led light bar

Auxbeams super-affordable 20-inch LED light bar is available in a variety of applications. You can use them as driving lights, navigation lights, and work lights. They shine with 42 3W Cree LEDs in a dual-row arrangement of 12600 raw lumens. The 30-degree spot and 60-degree flood combination beam pattern provide a penetrating beam and ample wide illumination on the side. The LEDs are protected by a shatterproof polycarbonate lens and a 6063 aluminum housing with an IP67 intrusion rating.

The 20-inch led light bar provides a large number of installation options and enough light to serve as standalone highway or trail lights. Usually, they come in pairs to double the light and provide a wider beam coverage. They are small enough to be easily used as working or navigation lights on watercraft.


What is more? JIUGUANG can not only provide you with information concering all kinds of tips about led light bar, it also can provide you with high-quality led headlights!

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