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Which is good for high beam halogenor or led, halogen and led headlights?

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Which is good for high beam halogenor or led, halogen and led headlights?

Usually high beam is with halogen lamp, because the range of high beam is far, high irradiated height, and led lamp has a higher brightness, installed in the high beam, will affect the driving line of sight of other cars, which is very impolite, but also very unsafe practice, led lamp more installed in near-light. In addition, although halogen lamps are not as bright as led, they are more penetrating, increasing the safety of cars driving in foggy weather.

Which is good for high beam halogenor or led, halogen and led headlights

Which is good for halogen and led headlights?

Halogen lamp low cost, easy adjustment of brightness control, good color rendering, milder light, compared to LED lamp, its penetration is stronger, in foggy rain and snow weather driving safety is higher. However, the brightness is lower, the start speed is slow, the operating temperature is higher, and the power consumption is relatively high.

Led lamp price is more expensive, high replacement cost, post-maintenance is also more troublesome, penetration almost, but high brightness, fast start, low operating temperature, more energy-saving, and better performance, more stable, more high-end.

Penetration: halogen lamps and led lamps

Brightness: led light and halogen lamp

Price: halogen lamp

Lifetime: led light and halogen lamp

Energy consumption: led light

For halogen and led headlights which good, in fact, both have their own good, mainly to see personal needs. The led lamp is a little better, both in terms of brightness, life, or energy conservation. Many people will choose to convert halogen lamps to LED lights, the best current conversion of the lamp is near-light-modified LED lights plus dual-light lens, long-light retainhalogen lamp. This not only ensures the lighting effect, but also retains the penetration of the light, driving more secure.

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