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Which led headlight fan and scattered tropical which is good?

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Which led headlight fan and scattered tropical which is good?

At present, when the LED light source is energized, about 30% of the electricity is converted into light energy and the rest into heat. LED headlights are extremely sensitive to temperature changes, if the HIGH temperature continueto light LED lights, it is easy to occur low power, life loss and other conditions, so the thermal performance of LED headlights to a certain extent determines the life of LED lights.

led headlight fan

There are two main ways to heat up LED headlights on the market: scattered tropical, fan, these 2 different thermal structure design, which is better?

1. Fan is active heat dissipation, scattered tropical is passive cooling. When the light source is first lit, the fan starts working at the same time, and the scattered tropics must reach a certain temperature, relying on the natural convection of the air, through the heat sink to naturally emit heat into the air.

2. From the structure: with a fan LED headlight strap structure compact, short butt, can be installed more models, do not need to punch, do not damage the original car structure;

Scatter tropical is relatively long, most headlight space is not enough to need the original car waterproof back cover punching holes, scattered tropical through out 

3. Some vehicles are equipped with scattered tropical LEDs, which cannot be dispersed normally due to insufficient space, thus affecting the cooling effect. Scatter tropical folds up to enlarge the lamp inside, the cooling effect will be good

4. Of course, fan cooling also has shortcomings: high design requirements, high cost, so the general fan cooling structure on the market will generally be higher than the price of scattered tropical.

Some people say scattered tropical good, do not use fans, fans easy to bad! This is irresponsible to say, is fooling consumers, computer fans who are often bad? I'm afraid the vast majority of computers used for several years, fans are good. For example, light technology LED headlights, light technology LED car headlights configuration up to 7000 ultra-high wind volume of high-speed cooling fans, up to 50000H service life, maximize cooling performance to protect the safe operation of the lights.

No matter what kind of lights modified, must comply with the requirements of the relevant national laws and regulations, must not illegal modification, only in this way to create a safe driving environment for themselves and others.

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