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Why are LED light bars better than other lights?

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With the advancement of technology, car owners have more car lighting choices. Among plenty of automotive lights on the market now, there is still no doubt that LED light bars are the most popular ones. Why are LED light bars so popular? Why are they better than other lights?

This article will solve all your doubts, let you better understand LED light bars, and help you choose the most suitable LED light bars for you.

  • LED light bars are more cost-effective

  • LED light bars have higher lighting brightness and wider installation conditions

  • The design of LED light bars has a broader creative space

1. Compared with other driving lights, LED light bars are more cost-effective

Studies have shown that the luminous efficiency of LED lights reaches 80% to 90%. In comparison with energy-saving lamps, LED lamps are 1/4 more energy-efficient.

As LED light bars for automotive lighting, data shows that the energy consumption is only 1/20 of that of halogen lamps. Besides, the application technology of LED components is developed rapidly and the production cost is decreasing year by year.

Jiuguang's LED light bars have excellent performance and are very durable at a reasonable price. They're composed of military-standard sealed silicon rubber and die-cast aluminum heat dissipation shell, which can resist harsh environments and will not be easily damaged. After rigorous testing, Jiuguang's LED light bar has a service life of up to 50,000 hours which is longer than any other automotive lighting. With these advantages, Jiuguang's LED light bars are cost-effective, making it popular in the market.

led light bar packaging

2. Compared with other driving lights, LED light bars have higher lighting brightness and wider installation conditions

Through experiments, it was found that the attenuation of LED light brightness is much lower than that of halogen lamps. Low voltage direct current can drive LED light bars.

Featuring imported LED chips, Jiuguang's LED light bars can provide higher brightness and more stable light sources. The lumen output exceeds other products by 30%-40%. All LED light bars are waterproof and dustproof, reaching the IP68 level.

Like our 9631T-RQ series is a dual-color-flash tri-row led light bar with full sizes and combo light pattern. It has four types of light, white light, white flashing, yellow light, and yellow flashing. It can be widely installed in many places and can withstand any harsh weather. It is perfect for paving and the lighting range is wide, letting it more popular than other driving lights.

led light bar working

Besides, Jiuguang's LED light bars have undergone many performance tests, such as professional optical tests, impact and vibration tests, high temperature and high-pressure tests, and corrosion tests. Its quality is trustworthy.

Unlike other lights that have limited installation conditions, LED light bars have low requirements for the use environment. It can be widely installed in different car models such as Jeep, ATU/UTV, RV, SUV, TRACK, etc. It can easily meet the needs of many consumers.

3. Compared with other driving lights, the design of LED light bars has a broader creative space

The structure of the LED element is simple. More importantly, the size of the LED element is super small so it is easy to arrange and design. Compared with other driving lights, they have different appearance designs and they are more creative. This is also an essential reason why LED light bars are popular.

Jiuguang can provide different LED light bars according to your needs and aesthetics, such as dual row LED light bar, quad row LED light bar, single row LED light bar, triple row LED light bar.

Because there are plenty of size options, the light bar can be flexibly installed in many places.

led light bar for truck

Such our 10 inch 9610Z light bar, it is ultra-slim with single row LEDs that can be installed in the grid, front bumper, roof. The light performance is perfect and the wide light type is more suitable for paving than any other lights.

led light bar for detail

Jiuguang is committed to developing new products that are both beautiful and practical. Therefore, Jiuguang's lights can occupy the automotive lighting market and become a well-known automotive lighting manufacturer in China.

Hope this article can help you solve your doubts about LED light bars. Jiuguang is an experienced and technologically advanced manufacturer that can provide you with excellent products such as laser light bar and LED headlight. Welcome to contact us, we will be the choice you will not regret.

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