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Why can't the far light be made with a lens?

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Why can't the far light be made with a lens?

Because the xenon lamp is brighter and more dazzling, but the beam is more diffuse, it is necessary to add a lens for the spotlight. If not with a lens, the scattered near-light does not shine, not only will affect the lighting effect, but also affect the driving of other cars, which is extremely unsafe.

Why cant the far light be made with a lens

The center of the xenon bulb light source deviates from the design of the original light bowl and astigmatine light occurs. The function of the lens is to gather the scattered light in front, so that not only can play the maximum role of xenon headlights, but also the light will not glare the opposite owner. But the price of the lens is relatively high and for the assembly technology also has high requirements, there are the vast majority of car owners are only a xenon light bulb, not equipped with a lens, this is not only responsible for their own safety, but also responsible for other owners. For safety, it is also stipulated that a lens is required to be retrofitted.

However, the general modification of xenon lamps plus lenses are low beams, while high beams do not add lenses. This is to prevent the far light from gathering, the divergence can shine farther and wider. High beam is mainly used to supplement the lighting of the dark area of light, if the high beam is installed lens, the beam will gather directly to the distance, the light is straight, can only illuminate the distant road surface, but can not see the near point of the road surface, and the direct light can not see the high road sign instructions, affect driving. After the bright light is modified xenon lamp, the light is dispersed is normal, because the bright light lamp bowl is designed in this way, therefore, for the lighting can not be added to the lens.

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