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Why do many LED headlights come with a cooling fan? How to choose?

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Why do many LED headlights come with a cooling fan? How to choose?

Although LEDs are cold light sources, LEDs only emit light that is not hot, and the beads and components still heat up. Now the heat problem, many small factories can not solve, because the heat solution is not good, so many LED headlight manufacturers can not make the LED power bigger, generally only 20W, a good LED headlight brand will pass the cooling fan with ball bearings With the heat sink and fan to ensure temperature control, and then do high power, in order to achieve higher brightness of the lights.

car Led headlight

So the key point is to choose what kind of fan can be used longer, the efficiency will be higher, and the brightness of the LED will be higher. The fan is divided into three or six, etc. What is a good fan? There are several more terms here, hydraulic fans, single ball bearing fans and double ball bearing fans.

Oil pressure is a pure oil-containing fan with the worst quality. The single-ball bearing fan uses a ball bearing with an oil-impregnated bearing to reduce the cost of the double-ball bearing. The rotor and the stator are lubricated with balls and lubricant. This fan has a low noise level but is prone to oil leakage. Oil-containing fans can greatly reduce their service life in high temperature and dusty environments, so they are not suitable for use on LED lights.

Single ball bearing fan

The double ball bearing fan uses two ball bearings. There are several tiny steel balls around the axis. When the fan or the shaft rotates, the ball rotates. Because they are all spheres, the friction is small and there is no problem with oil leakage.

Double ball bearing fan structure

In comparison, the life of oil-filled fan LED lamps is generally less than one year, while the life of single balls is about 2 years, and the double balls can reach more than 3 years (depending on the density of use). Because of the high cost of double-ball bearings, Most domestic manufacturers will not use such high cost fans. However, like the active cooling products of IKEA, most of them use double ball bearings, so they are more durable, the fans are not easy to burn out, the life is longer, and the brightness is higher!

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