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Why is the light on both sides of my low beam different?

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Why is the light on both sides of my low beam different?

Lights near the light on both sides has been not the same as far and near, this is the national requirements, but also specially designed by manufacturers, so the subject do not worry. So, next, we can understand, our country's national mandatory vehicle lighting standards.

Why is the light on both sides of my low beam different

Now the international mainstream lighting standards, mainly have two major systems, namely, the European ECE system, ECE regulations, as well as the United States Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) system, SAE standards. China's national mandatory vehicle lighting standards are mainly reference to the European ECE system, ECE regulations.

This system of regulations require, headlights require near-light has a clear light and dark cut-off line, and the light shape is asymmetrical distribution, the driver's field of view requirements are high-gloss area, and the other driver's eye requirements are dark areas, the focus of consideration is to the car when the side has good lighting at the same time the other side will not be dazzling.

However, compared with the SAE standard, The ECE system and ECE regulations in Europe are more in line with the requirements of safe driving, so in addition to the United States and Canada, the vast majority of countries are adopted by the European ECE system, ECE regulations.

And the use of Europe's ECE system, ECE regulations of China's national mandatory vehicle lighting standards, the lights are required to maintain a different distance.

At the same time, all external lighting fixtures, signal lamps, reflectors, triangular warning signs, body reflective signs, etc. involving automobiles, the technical content of which, in addition to the plate size has The speciality of China, the rest adopts the technical part of the relevant eCE regulations, such as lighting, installation, color and location. It can be said that the current Chinese lighting standards from the system has been very comprehensive

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