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Will fog in the headlights burn the circuit?

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Will fog in the headlights burn the circuit?

Usually encounter fog, as long as the normal use of headlights, about 1 week will be completely dispersed, if particularly serious, you can turn on the rear cover of the lamp waterproof cover, turn on the headlights, let the xenon lamp dry the fog inside, and then cool down after the cover waterproof cover is all right.

Will fog in the headlights burn the circuit

Find the air leak, seal with glue, or re-glue seal, if the outlet is blocked to open, not enough can open more than one outlet, the outlet should have a sponge, preferably bent outlet.

It's not a particularly big thing, and there's no need to go to a special repair shop for repairs. Don't disassemble it yourself or bake it with lights or lights. Because many car headlights are either pure glass, or plexiglass, or even pure plastic. If contact with high temperature can easily damage the lamp, it is not worth the loss.

A small amount of fog and water beads like this, regardless of it, will gradually remove the heat from the lights, without damaging the headlights and electrical circuits.

But if the lights into a large number of water, this time you have to pay attention to, not only easy to burn the circuit, but also easy to be affected by heat uneven, reduce the life of the lights. This time you need to go to a special store to repair, remove the lights, turn on the lamp cover, dry, check the headlight surface for damage or may leak.

Generally occur savement of this large amount of water is also to replace the headlight solder seal and ventilation pipe.

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