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Will you use the lights in your car to clean?

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Will you use the lights in your car to clean?

With the rapid development of society, the improvement of car-building technology, the car on a variety of humanized configuration provides us with convenience, for example, the car headlight cleaning function, but how to use this function?

Will you use the lights in your car to clean

The headlight cleaning device is equipped with a outlet under the headlights so that we can clean the dust and stains on the headlight shading at any time. The car equipped with this function is more advanced, the general operating method is linked with the wiper, in the case of the headlights lit, pull the wiper operator lever to maintain 1-2 seconds, the headlight cleaning device is turned on, through water spray cleaning the dirt on the lamp cover.

There are also some models of the operation method is more concise, they have a special headlight cleaning button, just press and click can be directly cleaned, which is more concise than the wiper linkage operation.

The role of the lights is particularly important when the car is at night or when the light is bad, and he can light up the road ahead for us and provide us with a guarantee of safety. But rain and dust will reduce the brightness of the car headlights by up to 90 percent, so that the majority of the owner's line of sight has been seriously affected, greatly affecting the safety of driving, there are safety hazards. Ensuring that the headlights provide adequate lighting during driving is a "top priority" for a headlight. Headlight cleaning device is a timely cleaning of headlights on rainy days or nights, providing a simple and effective solution.

Car headlights are a beacon for cars to drive at night, which points out the way forward for drivers and provides safety for the owners of their night driving. The headlight cleaning device is also essential. They provide plenty of light in time for headlights, and if some foreign objects stick to the headlights of a car, the cleaning device can be easily solved.

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