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16-80V Truck Headlight Wholesale JG-R11

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Operating Voltage: DC16-80V
Model: H4、H1、H7、H3
Led Chips:CREE 3570
Waterproof rate:IP68
Beam Angle:360°
Usage:Head Light
Material:6063 Aviation aluminum housing
Housing color:black
Service life:30000h
Superconducting copper plate heat conduction
Ball fan 12000 rpm

Product details:

16-80V Truck Headlight Wholesale JG-R11

JG-R11 has two working voltage to choose , one is for general vehicles (12-24V), the other is for trucks or other equipment with large working voltage (16-80V).

HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS:JG-R11 both models use high-quality 6063 aviation aluminum as the lamp body material, Superconducting copper plate heat conduction, corrosion-resistant and high-temperature, H4 connector uses 4 original imported Cree chips, H7 connector uses 2 pieces, 90W 8000 LM high output, super focus and maximum light , wider and farther lighting range, Can provide a safe visual driving experience, provide a better beam pattern, without any dark spots or fog lights; qualified LED optical technology can ensure soft white light, other drivers will never be angry with you.


SPECIAL FOR TRUCKS: Due to the unstable voltage of the truck, the circuit voltage can reach 30V+ when climbing, and general-purpose car lights may be instantaneously short-circuited, causing the lighting to run out of control, and the danger is greater. Therefore, we recommend the wide-volt R11, which can perfectly solve this Such problems, and its built-in decoder can be applied to any car model, will not affect the use of car radio and radio

OUTSTANDING HEAT DISSIPATION: The truck needs to drive for a long time, so the lights must be kept in working condition. This is a great test of the heat dissipation performance of the product. R11 uses an advanced tubo cooling fan, 12,000 revolutions per second, and a dense base hollow prism guarantees The air-surface contact is wider, the heat dissipation area is increased, the all-copper PCB, and the thermal conductivity is extremely strong, ensuring that the temperature of R11 is stable under long-term working conditions.

WARRANTY:Order from Jiuguang Led Light for a truly worry-free experience! We offer a free 2 years warranty and offer excellent service on before-sale, on-sale and after-sale.

16-80V Truck Headlight Wholesale JG-R11 Advantages

16-80V Truck Headlight Wholesale JG-R11 work with 98% of vehicle's computer system without error. 

Wild Voltage (16-80V) Specially used for trucks, tractors, trailers, cranes.

16-80V Truck Headlight Wholesale JG-R11 application

16-80V Truck Headlight Wholesale JG-R11 Size,there may be a little error because of measurement in a different way.

16-80V Truck Headlight Wholesale JG-R11 size

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