Fatty UTV Whip Lights Manufacturer JG-BZS829F

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Model:JG-BZS829F Working Voltage:DC12V LED Strips:Chasing 5050SMD Epoxy Light Angle:360°Glowing Spiral Illumination Spiral Light Pole: PC tube Flexible Base: 6063 aviation aluminum black extended quick-connect base Control Box: Built-out Accessories: Standard Square Flag + Flag Hook+Dust-proof Cap Waterproof : IP67 Product Warranty: 12 months Color Model: Chasing Function with 300Colors * 200 Patterns Bluetooth Control Includes Music Sync, Sound Sync, Timing and So On. Bluetooth Pair with Turning and Brake Function

Product details:

Fatty UTV Whip Lights Manufacturer JG-BZS829F details

OVERVIEW:The newly upgraded fatter inner diameter tube is thicker, 276 high-quality 3570 chips are distributed in 2ft (traditional 5ft led whips distribute 200 chips), more solid appearance, stronger lighting experience.

SAFETY & DURABILITY:IP67 Waterproof / Dust Proof rating. 180° twistable and bendable, no issues with breaking while doing jumps and hitting a few tree limbs. The black LED strips are held together by heat shrink and silicone tube to keep them from delamination and vibration. The nylon flag has been tested to 100 mph without fraying. With overload protection. 50,000+ lifetime.





NOTE:This product is not flexible, you cannot bend the angle at will.

What is a Fatty led whips light, and what is the difference between it and a general led whips?

Led whips is a decorative antenna widely used in ATV, UTV, and truck tail, which can make your off-road trip more recognizable. In order to meet the needs of more UTV off-road customers for brightness, aesthetics, and stability, we have developed thicker, more durable, and brighter led whips, which we call "Fatty led whips".

As the name suggests, it has a more rounded body shape. Traditional led whips usually have a diameter of 0.9inch, but Fatty led whips have been expanded to a fatter diameter, which is more eye-catching and more stable.

Next we want to talk about brightness. We know that the number and quality of chips of a light-emitting product determine its luminous effect.Fatty led whips have three sizes, they are 1/2/3FT, and each corresponding size uses amazing 195/276/471 pieces of 5050SMD Epoxy chips, while the traditional led whips only have a pitiful 131 light beads, so the luminous effect of chubby is far better than ordinary led whips, it can emit about 4300lm in the case of white light, It illuminates a distance of 30-80 meters around the vehicle, which is an excellent value for an auxiliary decorative lamp.

The third thing we want to talk about is its flexibility. The size of traditional led whips is generally 3/4/5/6FT. They are very long and flexible, and can be bent at will, but you will find a little bit when you are playing. The power and the wind will make them shake side to side, "they're tangled up!!!, it's dangerous" you can often hear such shouts in the arena, so the new Fatty led whips adds weight, we can only make it vertical The form is mounted on the car and will not be affected by any wind, don't let it bend! ! !

In the end, I have to say that the Fatty link bracket is tighter and can cope with more severe conditions and weather. I think this is the main reason why I cannot refuse it.

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Suitable for UTV, ATV, 4 Wheeler trucks, Go Kart, RZR, Can-am, Polaris, Dune Buggy, Sand Rail, motorcycle and Boat, etc.

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Fatty UTV Whip Lights Manufacturer JG-BZS829F Size:there may be a little error because of measurement in a different way.

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Shock absorbing packaging:Built-in safety foam shock absorption,lamp body 360 degrees protection avoid violent express,station you buy rest assured.

Custom packaging:we also offer packaging customization services to help built the impact of your brand.You can provide a logo or a complete packaging solution,and we offer this kind of personal customization.



Lights Safety, Drive Safety.




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